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Rent a Minecraft server
Rent your own Minecraft server at

Note: We recommend using an FTP program such as Filezilla.

To upload your world, please follow these steps:

  1. Rename the folder of your savegame. The name must be world! Also note the upper/lower case!
  2. Stop your server. The status of the server must be Server not running!
  3. Connect to the Saves FTP with your FTP program.
    You can find the login data in the FTP overview by clicking on FTP.
  4. Upload the folder of your savegame to the FTP.
  5. Start your server afterwards.

Spigot & Bukkit

With Spigot and all Bukkit variants there are a few special features to consider:

  • The savegame is spread over 3 folders:world, world_nether and world_the_end
  • The DIM1 folder of your savegame belongs in the world_the_end folder.
  • The DIM-1 folder of your savegame belongs in the world_nether folder.
  • The remaining folders then belong in the world folder.