Valheim: How to direct connect with Steam

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Rent a Valheim server
Rent your own Valheim server at

You can connect to your server directly from within the game or via Steam.


1. start your game
2. then click on Start Game and select your character.
3. click on Start
4. now click on Join Game and then on Join IP
5. now enter your IP address along with the port, for example:

6. click on Connect and enter your password when prompted.


You can connect to your Valheim server directly from Steam. To do this, you have to proceed as follows.

1. In Steam, click on View -> Servers at the top.
2. Now select Favorites.
3. Click Add a Server in the lower right corner.
4. Now enter your IP of your server with the port. For Steam you have to use the port +1 shown on our site.
If the port on our site is e.g. 2456, you have to use 2457 in Steam. Enter the address like this:

5. Click on Find games at this address. You may need to click repeatedly on Find games at this address until the server appears.
6. Then click on Add selected game server to favorites at the bottom.
7. Now close this window and click on Refresh at the bottom. You may need to click repeatedly here too.

Now you can connect directly to your server with a double click on the entry.
However, you will have to enter your password twice. Once in Steam and the other time after the character selection.

Note: After your daily login, Steam may show the server as "Server is not responding".
You can still connect to your server. Steam will update the status of the server after that.