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Important: To upload your savegame, we recommend using an FTP program such as Filezilla!
You will have to switch your server to Advanced Mode.

Please follow these steps to upload your savegame:

  1. Stop your server. The status of the server must be "Server is not running"!
  2. Connect with your FTP programme to the Saves FTP.
    You can find the login data in the FTP overview by clicking on FTP.
  3. Upload your savegame to the following directory:
    Note: The ConfigID or ConfigurationID for your server can be found on our page under Game Server.
    If your ConfigID were, for example, 123456, the whole thing would look like this:/123456/worlds/MapName.
  4. If your savegame also includes a map, you can read HERE about how to upload it.
  5. Please open the serverconfig.xml for editing.
  6. Please make sure that the map of your savegame is entered under the following line:
    <property name="GameWorld" value="MapName"/>
  7. You may also have to change the name of the actual savegame.
    You can recognise the name of your savegame by the name of the folder in the above-mentioned MapName folder.
  8. You can adjust the name of your savegame with this setting:
    <property name="GameName" value="SavegameName"/>
  9. Click on Save
  10. Start your server

Important: If a generated map belongs to your savegame, you have to upload it as well!
How to do this is described in the link under step 4.