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First unpack the map pack or map you have downloaded.
Depending on how the mapper has now published this, there are now 3 possibilities.

Possibility 1

In the packed file is a "cstrike" folder
This is the easiest. Here you just need to upload the contents of the cstrike folder to the cstrike folder on the FTP.

Possibility 2

In the packed file are folders named "maps" "sounds" "models" etc.
This is also simple. Here you only need to load the contents of the folders in the respective folders on the FTP.
maps -> maps; sounds -> sounds; models -> models etc.

possibility 3

In the packed file there are only files and no folders.
Sorting work is now called for here.

The following is a list of file extensions and which folder these files belong in.

  • .bsp -> maps/
  • .nav -> maps/
  • .res -> maps/
  • .wad -> cstrike/
  • .tga -> if there are 6 files it is a custom sky -> gfx/env/
  • .wav -> sounds/
  • .mp3 -> sounds/
  • .mdl -> models

What do the file extensions mean ?

bsp - The Map
nav - waypoints of the bots
res - Tells the player what to download when connecting
wad - textures
txt - Map Description
tga - Optional Skybox
mdl - Optional Models
wav - optional sounds
mp3 - optional sounds