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By default, your server starts with the map Navezgane.
However, you can also start the server with one of the other available maps.
Note: How to upload and start your own maps is described HERE.
First you have to set your server to Advanced Mode.
Afterwards you can enter the desired map in the serverconfig.xml at the following place:

<property name="GameWorld" value="Navezgane"/>

Replace Navezgane with the name of the world you want to play.

Pregenerated Maps

By default the server comes with these maps:

  • Navezgane which is the default map
  • PREGEN6k
  • PREGEN8k
  • PREGEN10k

Randomly Generated Maps

In addition to the pre-generated maps, it is possible to have a map generated by the server.

  • <property name="GameWorld" value="RWG"/>: Lets the server generate a map
  • <property name="WorldGenSeed" value="asdf"/>: Defines what the map will look like
  • <property name="WorldGenSize" value="6144"/>: Sets the size of the map.
    Possible values: 6144,8192,10240
  • <property name="GameName" value="World"/>: Defines the name of the save

When you have made your settings, click on Save and start the server.
Once the server is running, stop it again.
On the Savegames FTP you will find the generated map in the following folder:

  • /<ConfigID>/worlds/GeneratedWorldsNote: You can find the <ConfigID> or ConfigurationID in your server overview under Gameserver.
    For example, if your configID was 123456, it would look like this:/123456/worlds/GeneratedWorlds.
    Write down the name of the map

Replace RWG with the name of the generated map: <property name="GameWorld" value="RWG"/>
Click Save and start the server.
Important: You need to stop the server after it has generated the map and enter its name!
If you don't, the server will generate a new map with each start!
Also note that the name is case-sensitive!