S.O.G. Prairie Fire Missions - Arma 3

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S.O.G. Prairie Fire itself, comes with missions that you can play in multiplayer.
Below you will find the names of the mission files to use with us.

Missionfile Name
coop_air_01.cam_lao_nam CO04: Ash and Trash
vn_endgame_hanoi.cam_lao_nam Endgame 16 Hanoi
vn_endgame_jungle.cam_lao_nam Endgame 16 Jungle
vn_endgame_saigon.cam_lao_nam Endgame 16 Saigon
vn_escape.cam_lao_nam Escape 10 Cam Lao Nam
vn_warlords_01.cam_lao_nam SC 64 Warlords
vn_zeus_east.cam_lao_nam Zeus 16+2 Master Cam Lao Nam (PAVN)
vn_zeus_independent.cam_lao_nam Zeus 16+2 Master Cam Lao Nam (ARVN)
vn_zeus_master.cam_lao_nam Zeus 48+2 Master Cam Lao Nam
vn_zeus_west.cam_lao_nam Zeus 16+2 Master Cam Lao Nam (MACV)
Coop Kampagne
Missionfile Name
coop_01.cam_lao_nam 01 CO14: Eldest Son
coop_02.cam_lao_nam 02 CO15: Spindown
coop_03.cam_lao_nam 03 CO15: Bright Light
coop_04.cam_lao_nam 04 CO14: Ashtray III
coop_05.cam_lao_nam 05 CO15: Ma Bell
coop_06.cam_lao_nam 06 CO15: Oscar Eight

How you can integrate these missions manually is described HERE under Step 4.