Rust: How to create a Whitelist

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Rent a Rust server
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Note: the Whitelist built in Rust is currently not working. This tutorial requires that you have activated Oxide under Add-Ons in our Webinterface.

If you want a private server, you need to use an Oxide plugin to be able to create one. If you don't know how to install plugins for Oxide, we have a small guide here.

To activate your whitelist, you need to do the following:

1. Download the Whitelist Plugin by Wulf from HERE

2. Upload the plugin into the following directory:


3. Restart your server. Once the server is running, the plugin should be active.
4. To allow a player to connect, you need the SteamID64 you can get here.

5. Press F1 ingame ( you need to be admin ) and use the following syntax:

oxide.grant user 1234567890 whitelist.allow

(Replace "1234567890" with the ID you got in the previous step).
6. Now save the game using

If you did everything as described, players not in the whitelist should no longer be able to connect to the server.
Note: Admins you added to your server are automatically whitelisted.