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Advanced Mode or motd.txt on the FTP
HTML basic knowledge

Inserting an image:

You can get a picture in the welcome window with this function

<img src="" border="0">

Something should be said about the size of the picture.
The size of the welcome screen depends on what resolution the player has set.
So if you put a picture with 800x600 size in the window you get ugly scrollbars and the picture is only displayed to a small part.

So the sizes of the window change according to the resolution.
To what extent these change can be seen in the following list

Resolution      -> Resolution of the welcoming screen

640 x 480       -> 450 x 210
800 x 600       -> 590 x 290
1024 x 768      -> 760 x 380
1600 x 1200     -> 1190 x 590

We recommend 590 x 290 at this point since 800 x 600 is the most commonly used resolution.

Inserting a sound:

You can insert a sound with the "embed" function.
This will run a sound that is located on your webspace.
Uploading the sound to the game server's FTP is possible, but not useful because the sound cannot be executed.

Now to have a sound in the welcome screen the code should look like this.

<embed src="" hidden="true" autostart="true">

The sound can be in MP3 or WAV and should not be too long.
There is nothing worse than listening to a sound for 15 - 45 seconds that some people don't want to hear.

Inserting a website:

Basically, it is not advisable to display any website in the window.

The reasons for this are as follows

  1. The welcome window is not a browser
  2. Displaying a website with a lot of content can cause a player's game to freeze.

The welcome window is most players not even a second to see because it is the people anyway not interested in who is admin on the server. It is therefore removed damn quickly by pressing the Enter key.

Reason 3 is because every welcome window has the same thing in it anyway.
Plays Fair
Have fun
Does not cheat

But if you still want to display a website you have to use "IFrames".


Further instructions on HTML and its functions can be found at