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The Gameserver Logintoken ( GSLT for short ) influences the ranking of your Unturned server in the server list.
In this article we describe how you can create and enter a GSLT.
Note: Your configuration must be in Advanced Mode!

Create GSLT

1. log in with your Steamaccount HERE
2. under App ID enter 304930
3. under Memo you can write a note, e.g. My Unturned Server
4. click on Create

Tip: GSLTs expire over time and then need to be renewed.
You can do this by simply logging into the site.
If you then point the mouse pointer at the GSLT, buttons will be displayed on the right.
These buttons can be used to renew the GSLT, among other things.

Entering the GSLT

You can enter the GSLT in 2 different files.
It is sufficient to enter the GSLT in only one file.
It is not necessary to enter the GSLT in both.


1. click in your configuration on the left on Commands.dat

2. in the text editor, scroll all the way down and insert the following line:

GSLT token

Replace token with the GSLT you created earlier

3. click on Save and restart your server


1. click in your configuration on the left on Config.json
2. find the following section:

  "Browser": {
    "Icon": "",
    "Desc_Hint": "",
    "Desc_Full": ""

3. add the following line:"Login_Token" : "token"
4.The section should now look like this:

  "Browser": {
    "Icon": "",
    "Desc_Hint": "",
    "Desc_Full": "",
    "Login_Token" : "token"

Note the comma!
5. Replace token with your GSLT
6. click on Save and restart your server