Install savegame on ARK

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To upload an already existing savegame to the server, it is important that the server first creates the necessary folders. To do this, you need to create an ARK configuration. Start this and connect to the server.
Now Ingame log in as admin -> How do I become an admin on my Ark server

Then run the command Admincheat SaveWorld in the Console or via the AdminMenu.

Now you can leave the server and stop it in the WebInterface. Now the server will write the folders to the Saves FTP by itself.

To upload your savegame, navigate on the Saves FTP of your game server to the ID of your configuration (is under General Info).
Open the folder with the configuration ID to Saved Arks

Here you can copy in the folder ServerPaintingsCache and the files *.arktribe, *.arkprofile and *.ark.

The singleplayer save files can be found at SteamLibrary -> steamapps -> common -> ARK -> ShooterGame -> Saved -> SavedArksLobal
You can also upload saves from another server or your own backup this way.

After all files have been transferred the server can be started with the new savegame.