Install mods for Squad

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Rent a Squad server
Rent your own Squad server now at

Tip: We recommend using an FTP program such as Filezilla.

To upload your mods and maps, please follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the Upload FTP with your FTP program.
    You can find the login data in the FTP overview by clicking on FTP.
  2. Now create the Plugins directory in the following directory:
  3. In the Plugins directory you just created, create the Mods folder. Your directory structure should then look like this:
    Note: The ConfigID or ConfigurationID for your server can be found on our page under Game Server.
    If your ConfigID were, for example, 123456, the path would look like this:/123456/SquadGame/Plugins/Mods.
  4. Now open the directory of your mods on your PC:

    Note: Your mods are located on the same hard disk on which you installed the game.
  5. Upload the contents of this directory to the mods folder on the FTP.
  6. Now add your maps to the mapcycle:
    1. In Basic Mode click on Mapcycle.
      Enter the name of the map in the input field and click on +.
    2. In Advanced Mode, click on MapRotation.cfg on the left.
      Then enter the name of the map in the text editor on the right.
      There may only be one map name per line!
      Then click on Save.
  7. Restart your server