Install custom map on Garrys mod

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Rent a Garry's Mod server
Rent your own Garry's Mod server at

To add a map to Garry's Mod, it is necessary to subscribe to it first under Steam - Garry's Mod - Workshop.

  1. Navigate to Garry's Mod in your Steam library. Then click on Workshop there.
  2. Under the title screen are the categories "Home", "Browse", "Discussions" and "About".
  3. Click there on "Browse" and on Collections.
  4. Now there is a button on the right side with "Create Collections". Click on it.
  5. Create the collection according to Steam's instructions. (The more unique and individual the name of the collection is the easier it is to find it later).

When the collection is finished by "Save and close", in the next window on "Select the objects for your collection". There then on the tab "Subscribed objects" and add your subscribed mod with the + sign on the left to the collection.
At the bottom right click on "save and continue".
Finally, it is still necessary in the next window to publish the collection. To do this, click on "publish".

Now again Steam library to Garry's Mod and there click on Workshop.

ATTENTION: It takes a little while until the collection is also visible!

Now you can search for the collection name in the upper right corner at "Search".
If the own collection is now found, click on this right and click "Copy pages URL".
The copied URL then paste into the web browser and call page.
Now you see your just created collection. In the browser line is now in the last place the ID of the collection.
Copy this workshop ID (usually 10-digit number).

In Basic Mode:

In "Basic Config" - "Server Settings" under "WorkshopID (own)" paste the just copied ID.
Apply change by "Save".
Finally, under "Mapcycle" at "Custom Map" enter the map name and add right with the "+".
Change by "Save" apply and restart the server

In Advanced Mode:

In "Configuration" - "Commandline" under "WorkshopID" insert the ID.
Apply change by "Save".
Finally, under "Configuration Files" - "mapcycle.txt" enter the map name.
Apply change by "Save" and restart the server.