Install Mods for Cryofall Server

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Mods are installed for CryoFall via FTP.
Tip: We recommend using an FTP program such as Filezilla.

You will also need the ModIDs of the mods you wish to upload.
The ID can either be found in the description of the mod. Or you have to get the ID from the mod itself.
To do this, open the *.mpk with a packing programme. Then open the Header.xml.

You will then find the ID of the mod under



Step 1: Upload mods

  1. Stop your server. The status of your server must be Server not running!
  2. Connect to the Upload FTP with your FTP program.
    You can find the login data in the FTP overview by clicking on FTP.
  3. Upload the mods to the following directory:
    Note: You can find the ConfigID or ConfigurationID for your server on our page under Gameserver.
    If your ConfigID was e.g. 123456, the whole thing would look like this:/123456/Data/Mods.

Step 2: Create and upload ModsConfig.xml

Create a ModsConfig.xml. Note that it is case sensitive!
Enter the ModIDs of the mods you want to use in this file. The file must look like this:


Replace ModID1, ModID2 and ModID3 with the ID of the respective mods.
You can of course use more than 3 mods.
Each mod is placed on its own line between<mods></mods> according to this template:<mod>ModID</mod>.
When you are done with your ModsConfig.xml upload it to the Upload FTP as well.
The file belongs in the Data folder mentioned above.