How to install mods on my Minecraft server

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You need to create a new configuration. Either for Forge, or Craftbukkit or Spigot.
It depends on what system the plugins/mods you want to use are for.

The server must be completely stopped before uploading via FTP. The server must not be running, starting, or stopping.
The plugins are then uploaded to the Saves FTP using an FTP program (e.g. Filezilla ).
You can find the login data in the FTP overview by clicking on FTP.
Depending on the modframework, the mods belong in /ConfigID/mods or /ConfigID/plugins.
For this you create, if not already present, in the configuration of the game server the folder "plugins" or "mods" (without "") and upload the Jar file of the plugin

To note

  1. The folder must be plugins. Not Plugins!
  2. Do not unpack the Jarfile!

After the next start and stop, the config files (.xml /.yml ) of the respective plugin/mods are also present on the Saves FTP.