How to install mods on Killing Floor 2

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Rent a Killing Floor 2 server
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First, please stop your server.
When your server is stopped, please switch it to Advanced mode.
This is necessary because we need to edit the PCServer-KFEngine.ini.
So, click on PCServer-KFEngine.ini in the white column on the left.
In the text editor that appears, you then create anywhere:


Next, you need the WorkshopID of the mods you want to use.
You can get this from the URL in the browser:
So, in this example the ID would be 2222630586.
You then enter this under the line you created above as follows:

So, the whole thing should now look like this:


For each mod you want to use you have to create a new line.
So, with multiple mods it would look like this:


Next, find the [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver]
section. Add the following line below it:
Lastly, save your changes by clicking Save.