How to install mods Unturned

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You need the ID of the mod you want to install. You can find the ID in the URL to the mod.
For Scavenger Pack's mod, the URL is:
You can find the ID of the mod after ?id=, so in this example the ID is 2349012390.

Open your server for editing. Just click on the name or the little grey gear icon.

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode mods are entered under "Server Settings in the Modifications field.
Multiple ModIDs are separated by commas.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode, the mods must be entered manually.
Click on WorkshopDownloadIDs.json on the left.
Then enter your mods in the text editor on the right.
With the mod from the above example, the file would look like this:


Here, too, several mods must be separated by commas. This would then look like this, for example: