How to install mods Project Zomboid

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In order to be able to use mods in Project Zomboid, your server must be in Advanced Mode.
We use the mod Fluffy Hair as an example.

  1. Stop your server on our page
  2. Then click on the name of your server
  3. Click on servertest.ini on the left.
  4. In the text editor on the right, you can edit it
  5. Find the line WorkshopItems=
  6. Enter the WorkshopID of the mod there, in this example it would be 2447729538.
    The entry should look like this WorkshopItems=2447729538
  7. Find the line Mods=.
  8. Now enter the name of the mod in this line, in this example it would be FH.
    The entry should look like this Mods=FH.
  9. Click on Save

Important: Multiple ModIDs and modnames are separated by semicolon.
You must also make sure that the order the mods are entered is identical.