How to install mods Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Important : Your server must be in Advanced Mode so that mods can be used.
Important : You must use an FTP programme such as Filezilla.
Please also make sure that your FTP program shows hidden folders.
You can usually find this option in the settings of the FTP program.
Important : Stop your server before installing mods.

Prepare Mods

First install and activate the mods you want to use.
Now go to the save directory of the game, which can be found here:
Username\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2
Open the config.cfg with Notepad and change the following two lines:

  • uset g_console "0" to uset g_console "1"
  • uset g_developer "0" to uset g_developer "1"

Save the changes and start your game and load a savegame.
Now open the console with the ^ ( to the left of the 1 key ) and enter the following:
Quit the game and return to the save directory.

Install Mods

You should find 3 files in the save directory:

  • server_packages.sii
  • server_packages.dat
  • mods_info.sii


First open the server_packages.sii with a text editor.
Select the entire text and copy it.
In the settings of your server, click on server_packages.sii on the left.
In the text editor on the right, delete the already existing text and now paste the previously copied text.
Click on Save.
Important : Please make sure that there is an empty line between the last two }.
Otherwise the server will no longer be listed in the server browser.


Next, open the mods_info.sii with a text editor.
Select all the text here too and copy it.
Click on mods_info.sii in the serversettings on the left.
Delete existing text here too and then paste the previously copied text.
Click on Save.


Connect to the Saves FTP with your FTP programme.
You will find the login data in the FTP overview when you click on FTP.
Upload the server_packages.dat into the following directory:

ConfigID/.local/share/Euro Truck Simulator 2

Start your server.