How to install Mods on your Avorion Server

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Mods are added to Avorion via modconfig.lua.
How this looks like, we explain in this article.


Here we show you an example how your modconfig.lua can look like.

modLocation = ""
forceEnabling = false

local prefix = "/home/sid_1549528/avorionStable/galaxies/avorion_galaxy/mods/"
mods =
    {workshopid = "1769379152"},
    {workshopid = "1817506461"},
    {workshopid = "1688279692"},
    {workshopid = "1819452708"},
    {workshopid = "1897578544"},
    {workshopid = "1868721180"},
    {workshopid = "1751636748"},
    {path = prefix .. "mymod"},
    {path = prefix .. "AnotherMod"},

-- Allowed mods that may run on the client such as UI mods

allowed =
    {id = "1222005920"},
    {id = "1664452070"},
    {id = "ThatOneUIMod"},
  • modLocation determines the location of the mods. This is given by us and does not need to be specified separately.
  • forceEnabling forces the start of mods, even if they are faulty. We recommend setting this to false.
  • local prefix Manually sets the path for mods. This path is predefined by us and may not be changed.
  • mods here you can enter your mods, either via the path or WorkshopID.
    • If you use a path but no WorkshopID, it will be loaded from the server. Players must install it themselves.
    • If you use a WorkshopID but no path, the server will download the mods from the workshop. Connecting players will be told the ModIDs so they can download and install the mods.
    • If both are used, the server downloads the mods from the specified path and tells connecting players the WorkshopID.

We recommend using only the WorkshopID.