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We describe how you can tell players on your server the rules of the server.
These rules will then be displayed the first time the player connects and must be accepted.
These are then no longer displayed for subsequent connections.
If a player has forgotten them, he can have them displayed with the following chat command: /rules.

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode you enter the rules under Message Settings.
How you can format them is described below.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you enter the rules in the Rules.txt.
How you can format them is described below.


You can format your rule text to make it more readable.
Please note that formatting cannot be combined.
Example: <title><red>My title</></> would only use the title formatting.
The font colour remains standard.

<title>   Max Fontsize
<large>   Large Fontsize
<small>   Small Fontsize
<red>     Red Text
<orange>  Orange Text
<yellow>  Yellow Text
<green>   Green Text
<blue>    Blue Text
<purple>  Purple Text
<white>   White Text