How to create a procedural Ark - Ark Survival Evolved

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Rant an Ark server
Rent your own ARK server now at

Note : Your server must be in Advanced Mode to use generated maps.
You need to stay in Advanced Mode as long as you want to use generated maps.

1. generate world locally

Start your game and click on Host\Local -> Create Procedural Ark.
Make your desired settings for the map and start the game.
When you are satisfied with the map, open the Game.ini of your game.
You can find it in the installation directory of the game here:
You can now close the game.

2. adjust the settings on the server

If you have not already done so, switch the server to Advanced Mode.
Under Commandline -> First map to start select Custom as the map.
Then enter PGArk in the field Custom-map to start.
Pay attention to upper/lower case!
Click on Save.
Now click on Game.ini on the left.
Copy the following lines from your Game.ini together with their values:


Paste these lines on our page and click on Save.

Important : The value for PGTerrainPropertiesString= can be spread over several lines, so make sure that you copy all values!