How to create a password Space Engineers

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Rent a Space Engineers server
Rent your own Space Engineers server at

Important: Your server must be in Advanced Mode!
The entries for the password must be generated with the server software and then entered manually.

Generate password hash and salt

First you need to download the server for Space Engineers.
This is needed to generate the required entries:

  1. Download the Space Engineers Dedicated Server in Steam under Tools.
  2. Start the server
  3. If necessary, start the server as admin ( "Run as Admin" )
  4. Select "Local / Console"
  5. Click on "Continue to server configuration"
  6. Enter the desired password in the Password field
  7. Click on Save
  8. Click on Edit. This should open Notepad.
  9. Find the following 2 lines:
  10. Copy these two lines

Copy entries into the configuration file

As mentioned, your server must be in Advanced Mode.
Then you can enter the password as follows:

  1. Stop your server. The status of the server must be Server not running.
  2. Click on SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg on the left.
  3. Paste the copied two lines below <ServerDescription />.
  4. Click on Save
  5. Start your server

Note: You must give your friends the password in plain text.
In the above example, test was used.
So this would be the password for the server.