How to change the game mode on your Minecraft server

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The game mode is adjusted via the /gamemode command. You enter the command in the chat line, which you reach by default via the [t] key. You can choose between four different modes.
Note: Please replace [player] with the name of the player you want to switch the gamemode on.

Normal game mode

The /gamemode survival [player] command will take you to the "normal" Minecraft game mode.

Creative Mode

With the command /gamemode creative [player] you can activate the Creative mode. Then are then all blocks available and you can fly if you press the spacebar twice.

Adventure Mode

With the command /gamemode adventure [player] you start the adventure mode. In this mode you can't remove blocks. Only pressing switches and crafting items is possible.

Spectator mode

With the command /gamemode spectator [player] you start the spectator mode.

Is the name of the player Peter for example, the full command would look like this:
/gamemode creative Peter
Note: Names are case-sensitive!