How to become an Admin DOOMBRINGER

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You cannot set players as admins by name for example, instead a DOOMBRINGER server is administrated via RCON commands.
. For this to be possible, you must first enter a RCON password.
Open your server for editing. Click in your server overview either on the name or the grey cogwheel.

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode you enter the desired RCON password under Server Settings.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you enter the password in the server_default.cfg.
Find the following line set rcon_password "".
Then enter your password, e.g. set rcon_password "MyPassword".

In both cases, click Save after making the change and restart your server.

After you are connected to your server, open the game's console and type rcon_password MyPassword to log in as admin.
You can see which key is set to open the console in the game's settings.