How to become an Admin Cryofall

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In this article we will describe how to add admins to your Cryofall server.
To do this you will need the ingame name of the players you wish to give admin rights to.

In order to add these names, you need to open your server for editing.
Click under Game Server on the name of your server or the small grey cogwheel.

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode click on Server Settings.
Enter the names of the players in the Operator field.
Multiple names are separated by a comma.
So with multiple names the entry would look like this:Player1,Player2,Player3
Click on Save and restart the server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode click on SettingsServer.xml on the left.
Scroll down in the text editor on the right to:

    <!-- Comma-separated list of server operators (users with admin access). For example: ai_enabled,Lurler,AtomicTorchStudio -->

Enter the names between the tags.
Multiple names are also entered here separated by commas.
With multiple names, it would look like this:


Click Save and restart the server.