How to become an Admin Beyond the Wire

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Rent a Beyond the Wire server
Rent your own Beyond the Wire server now at

Note: You will need the SteamID64 of the players you want to make admins.
You can get the SteamID64 here, among other places:

First you have to open the settings of your server.
Click on the name of your server or the grey cogwheel.

Basic Mode

In the Basic Mode click on Admin Settings.
Then enter the desired SteamID64 under Admin 1, Admin 2, ...,.
Then click on Save and restart the server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode click on Admins.cfg on the left.
In the text editor on the right, find the line Admin=:Admin.
Then enter the SteamID64 according to the following scheme: Admin=SteamID64:Admins group
For example, the entry would look like this: Admin=7656xxxxxxxx:Admin
or like this: Admin=7656xxxxxxxx:Moderator
Create a new line for each admin you want to add!.

Create your own admin groups

You can also create your own admin groups in the Admins.cfg in Beyond the Wire.
These are created according to the following scheme: Group=GroupName:Right1,Right2,Right3
As an example, let's create the group Superadmin:


If you then want to assign a player to this group, the corresponding entry looks like this:


The rights available to you are:

startvote         - Not available at the moment														 
changemap         - Allow map change																 
pause             - Pause server											 
cheat             - Allows the use of cheats											 
private           - Allows setting a password											 
balance           - Ignores balance settings										 
chat              - Allows sending server messages										 
kick              - Allows players to be kicked																 
ban               - Allows players to be banned																  	 
config            - Allows changing settings												 
cameraman         - Allows admins to spectate												 
immunity          - Immunity against kicks/bans									 
manageserver      - Shutdown server												 
featuretest       - Features under test ( not recommended ! )					 
reserve           - Can use reserved slots														 
demos             - recording of demos ( not available )											 
debug             - Debug information		
teamchange        - No time limit for team changes			 
forceteamchange   - allows the use of forceteamchange
canseeadminchat   - visible admin chat and all server messages are shown