How to become Admin V Rising

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To become an admin, you need your SteamID64.
You can get one here:

You also need to activate the console of your game.
You can find the option to activate it in the settings of the game.
Note: The key needed to open the console is dependend on the used keyboard layout.
By default it is [~].

Basic Mode

Enter the SteamID64 in one of the available entry fields under Admin Settings.
Click Save and restart the server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you need to enter your SteamID64 in adminlist.txt.
You can only add one ID per line, e.g.:


When you have added your ID, click Save and restart the server.

authenticate as Admin

When you have added yourself as an admin, connect to the server and open the console.
Now type in the following command: adminauth and confirm with [ENTER].
You can get an overview of all possible commands with the following command: list.