How to become Admin Stormworks Build and Rescue

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Note: To become an admin you need your SteamID64.
You can obtain yours here:

Basic Mode

In "Basic Mode", enter your SteamID64 under "Admin Settings".
Then click on "Save" and restart your server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you need to enter your SteamID64 in the server_config.xml.

		<id value="SteamID64"></id>

Replace SteamID64 with your SteamID64.
Of course, you can also add more than one admin.
This would look like this:

		<id value="SteamID1"></id>
		<id value="SteamID2"></id>
		<id value="SteamID3"></id>


All commands are entered in the chat.
By default you can open the chat with ENTER.

Command Description
?save Saves the game
?kick [id] kicks the specified player
?ban [id] bans the specified player
?add_admin [id] grants the specified player adminrights
?remove_admin [id] removes adminrights from the specified player
?add_auth [id] authorizes the specified player
?remove_auth [id] removes authorization from the specified player

You can find the [id] in the player overview.
By default you can view it by pressing ~ ( left of 1 on your keyboard ).