How to become Admin Remnants

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Rent a Remnants server
Rent your own Remnants server now at

In order to become an admin, you first need your SteamID64.
You can get it HERE.

Now open your server for editing.
Simply click on the name of your server.
Alternatively, you can also click on the grey cogwheel.

In Basic-Mode

In the web interface via the Basic Config - Server Settings
Enter your SteamID64 in the field Serveradmin and click Save.
Now restart your server.

In Advanced-Mode

In the webinterface in the ServerConfig.ini set your ID behind "ServerAdmins=", save and then restart the server.

Activate console

To be able to use admin commands in Remnants it is necessary to activate the console ingame and assign it to a key.
Connect to your server.
Press ESC in the game and then under Settings > Game Settings > Console activate the console with enabled.
To apply the changes, click on Apply Settings on the right.
Now a button must be set to open the console.
This can be set in-game under Settings > Controls at the ToggleConsole setting.
To apply the button mapping changes, right-click Apply Settings.