Valheim - How to become Admin

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Rent a Valheim server
Rent your own Valheim server at

In order to become an admin, you first need your SteamID64.
You can get yours HERE.
Next open your server for editing.
Simply click on the name of the server.
Alternatively you can click on the grey gear icon.
Click on Admin Settings on the left.
Enter your SteamID64 in one of the available fields and click Save.
Now restart your server.

Tip: F2 shows you an overview of all connected players. Useful when you need a players SteamID64.
Note: To be able to open the console in the game with F5, you must first activate it in Steam.
To do this, right-click on Valheim in Steam and then click on Properties.
Under General enter the following in the field below 'Launch Options': -console
Now close the window.