How to add custommaps to the Killing Floor 2 mapcycle

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First, please stop your server.
When it is stopped, switch the server to Advanced mode.
This is necessary because we need to edit the PCServer-KFGame.ini.

First find the line:



This line determines the maps that are present in the cycle.
For example, if the map were called KF-Testmap1, the complete line would look like this:

GameMapCycles=(Maps=("KF-Testmap1" )) 

With more than one map, the line looks like this:

GameMapCycles=(Maps=( "KF-Testmap1" , "KF-Testmap2" , "KF-Testmap3" )) 


The next thing to do is to create a new section.
It looks like this:

[KF-Testmap1 KFMapSummary]

Then create this section for each custommap and adjust the map names accordingly.
. When you are done with your changes, click on Save.