How to activate DLCs Stormworks Build and Rescue

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We explain how you can activate the DLC "Search and Destroy".
For this, your server must be in "Advanced Mode".

Important: Once the server has been started and a save has been created, certain settings can't be changed easily.
This also applies to DLCs. These must be activated manually in the savegame.

Search and Destroy

Open the settings of your server by clicking on the name of the server.
Click on server_config.xml on the left.
The DLC Search and Destroy has the following settings:

  • dlc_weapons="false": replace false with true to activate the DLC
  • infinite_ammo="false": replace false with true for unlimited ammo

Activate DLCs retroactively

Once a save has been generated, some settings can only be changed directly in the savegame.
This includes DLCs.
Download your savegame as described here: Download Savegame at Stormworks Build and Rescue.
Edit the scene.xml which you can find in the following directory: /saves/autosave_server.
Change the following line from <scene version="4"> to <scene version="4" dlc="1">.
Save your changes.
Now edit the scene.xml which you can find in the directory /working_server and make the same changes.
When you have made your changes, upload both edited files and start the server.
DLCs should now be active.