How do I connect to my Minecraft Bedrock server

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Rent a Minecraft server
Rent your own Minecraft server at

We explain how you can create an entry in Minecraft for your server.
To do this, you need the IP address (e.g. of your server and possibly the port (e.g. 19132).

  1. Start your server if you haven't already done so.
    Click on the blue play button in the server overview.
    Wait until the status of your server is Server running.
  2. Start your Minecraft
  3. Click on Play
  4. Click on Servers
  5. Scroll down and click on Add Server
  6. Under Server name, enter the name for this entry.
  7. Under Server address, enter the IP address of your server
  8. Enter your port under Port.
  9. Click on Save
  10. Select the entry you just created and then click on Join Server