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Global Mobilization itself, comes with missions that you can play in multiplayer.
Below you will find the names of the mission files to use with us.

Missionfile Name
gm_multiplayer_01_m_01.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 06 Magnetized
gm_multiplayer_01_m_01.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 06 Magnetized (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_02.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 08 Rainy Day
gm_multiplayer_01_m_02.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 08 Rainy Day (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_03.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 08 Cleanup
gm_multiplayer_01_m_03.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 08 Cleanup (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_04.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 12 Fat Cats
gm_multiplayer_01_m_04.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 12 Fat Cats (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_05.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 06 Radio Bahrdorf
gm_multiplayer_01_m_05.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 06 Radio Bahrdorf (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_06.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 12 Missile Safari
gm_multiplayer_01_m_06.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 12 Missile Safari (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_07.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 12 The Pit
gm_multiplayer_01_m_07.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 12 The Pit (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_08.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 08 Scrap Drive
gm_multiplayer_01_m_08.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 08 Scrap Drive (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_09.gm_weferlingen_summer DM 24 Fashion Police
gm_multiplayer_01_m_10.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 12 Downhill
gm_multiplayer_01_m_10.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 12 Downhill (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_11.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 22 Pressing Matters
gm_multiplayer_01_m_11.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 22 Pressing Matters (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_12.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 10 Danish Lies
gm_multiplayer_01_m_12.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 10 Danish Lies (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_13.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 08 Resistance
gm_multiplayer_01_m_13.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 08 Resistance (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_14.gm_weferlingen_summer COOP 12 Autobahnmeisters
gm_multiplayer_01_m_14.gm_weferlingen_winter COOP 12 Autobahnmeisters (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_15.gm_weferlingen_summer SC 40 East vs. West (Rennau)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_15.gm_weferlingen_winter SC 40 East vs. West (Rennau) (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_16.gm_weferlingen_summer SC 40 East vs. West (Buchberg)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_16.gm_weferlingen_winter SC 40 East vs. West (Buchberg) (Winter Version)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_17.gm_weferlingen_summer SC 40 East vs. West (Border)
gm_multiplayer_01_m_17.gm_weferlingen_winter SC 40 East vs. West (Border) (Winter Version)
gm_zeus_01_gc.gm_weferlingen_summer Zeus 16+1 Master Weferlingen (East)
gm_zeus_01_gc.gm_weferlingen_winter Zeus 16+1 Master Weferlingen (East) (Winter Version)
gm_zeus_01_ge.gm_weferlingen_summer Zeus 16+1 Master Weferlingen (West)
gm_zeus_01_ge.gm_weferlingen_winter Zeus 16+1 Master Weferlingen (West) (Winter Version)

How you can enter these missions manually is described HERE under Step 4.