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In Battlefield 3, servers are divided into 4 categories. Custom, Normal, Hardcore and Inf-Only.

In Basic-Mode we already have a function which allows to switch the settings quickly.

In Advanced-Mode you have to define the corresponding commands via the file Startup.txt.

In the following table we show which settings are necessary to assign a server to an appropriate category via Battlelog.

Command  	                Normal    Hardcore   Inf-Only 

vars.autoBalance 	        true 	  true 	     true 
vars.roundStartPlayerCount  	- 	  - 	     -
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount  	- 	  - 	     -
vars.friendlyFire  	        false 	  true 	     false
vars.regenerateHealth  	        - 	  - 	     -
vars.killCam  	                true 	  false      true
vars.miniMap  	                true 	  true 	     true
vars.hud  	                true 	  false	     true
vars.crossHair  	        - 	  - 	     -
vars.3dSpotting  	        true 	  false      true
vars.miniMapSpotting  	        true 	  true 	     true
vars.nameTag  	                true 	  false      true
vars.3pCam  	                true 	  false      false
vars.regenerateHealth  	        true 	  false      true
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed  	true 	  true 	     false
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay  	- 	  - 	     -
vars.soldierHealth  	        100 	  60 	     100
vars.playerRespawnTime  	100 	  100 	     100
vars.playerManDownTime  	100 	  100 	     100
vars.bulletDamage  	        100 	  100 	     100
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn  	false 	  true 	     false

(- = set value has no effect)

All other possible combinations lead to the server appearing as "Custom" in the Battlelog.