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How can I set up a GOTV server on my server?
For this you have to enter the following values in the server.cfg of the server:

  • tv_enable 1 - turns on GOTV.
  • tv_name "Servername" - sets the server name of the GOTV.
tv_port 27020 - This sets the port of the server. The default port is 27020, but this can be changed.
  • tv_delay 90 - sets the delay in seconds at which to send.
  • tv_maxclients 10 - sets the maximum number of viewers. The higher this number is, the more SourceTV affects the server performance.
  • tv_password "Passwort" - sets a password to block out unwanted viewers.

Then restart the server.

How can I record GOTV demos?

You start a GOTV demo with tv_record and stop it with tv_stoprecord.
If you want automatic recording without having GOTV viewers, you have to make the following entries in the server.cfg:

  • tv_enable 1
  • tv_autorecord 1
  • tv_maxclients 0

Die GOTV Demos werden bei uns auf dem Demos FTP abgespeichert.
Watching these demos is possible in the normal way with the respective game and the demo interface.