Customize Harvest Multiplier at ARK

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In Basic Mode

Simply adjust the value for Harvest Amount in the game settings.

In Advanced Mode

In the GameUserSettings.ini set the value

HarvestAmountMultiplier=1.0. This will then be the same for all resources.

In addition, you can adjust via the Game.ini the harvest amounts of individual resources. To do this, you must enter the desired resource and the multiplier in the Game.ini as follows:

HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers = (ClassName = "PrimalItemResource_Chitin_C",Multiplier=1.0)

Command Explanation

Scales on a resource type basis the amount of resources harvested. Higher values increase the amount per swing/attack.
HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers = (ClassName = "PrimalItemResource_Thatch_C",Multiplier = 2.0)

Returns twice the amount harvested when straw is harvested from a tree. Works the same as the HarvestAmountMultiplier global setting, but only for the resource type named in this line. Additional rows can be added with other resource types such as wood, stone, etc.