Create server password for Interstellar Rift

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In this article we describe how you can create a password for your Interstellar Rift server. For this you only need to have the game itself installed.
Note: You will need to open a file that by default is in a hidden folder.
Therefore, make sure that you have hidden files and folders displayed.

Generate password hash

  1. Start your game
  2. Click on PLAY.
  3. Click on Host Game.
  4. Enter the password you wish to use in Password.
  5. Click on Apply Changes.
  6. Then click on Host Game in the bottom left-hand corner.
  7. With the game running, navigate to:
  8. Open the Server.json
  9. Copy your hashed password under "Password": "YourPassword",
  10. Save the password you just copied in a text file
  11. You can now quit the game

Enter password hash

Open your server to edit.
Click under Game Server either on the name of your server or on the grey cogwheel.

Basic Mode

Click on Server Settings on the left.
Then add the password hash in the Server password field.
Click on Save and restart your server.

Advanced Mode

Click on server.json on the left.
Add your password hash to the right in the text editor under "Password" : "YourPassword",.
Click on Save and restart the server.