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You can create your own roles for the players on your server.
Among other things, you need the Alderon Games ID of the respective player.
The Permission required for the role can be found HERE.

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode you create the roles under Game Settings -> Roles
An example of what a role can look like can be found below.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you create the roles in the Commands.ini.
An example of what a role can look like can be found below.



  • [Role:Teleporter]: Defines the name for the role, in this example the name would be Teleporter
  • +Permission: Authorises the role to use the commands associated with the permission.
    Important: one permission per line!
  • ChatColor: Sets the chat colour for the role
  • OverrideAdminChatColor: If set to True, the role will use the chat color as defined under ChatColor. Else the role will use the default chat color.
  • ReservedSlot: Determines whether players of this role have a reserved slot on the server.

Additional possible settings:

  • AllowSpectatorAccess=True/False: allows use of the spectator mode as well as the admin panel.
  • CreatorModeAccess=True/False: allows players to use the creator mode
  • Hierarchy=0: Sets the hierarchy of the role. Roles with a lower hierarchy cannot use certain commands on roles of a higher hierarchy.
    Affected Commands:kick,ban,promote,demote

You can assign the respective roles to players under [PlayerRoles].
Alternatively, if you have the necessary permission, ingame via the chat command /promote Playername Rolename.