Create logintoken for Insurgency Sandstorm

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If you want to activate stats on your server, you need a so-called GameServerLoginToken, or GSLT for short.
We describe here how you create one and where you enter it.

To create it, please proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to the following website and log in ->
  2. Enter 581320 in the 'App ID field.
  3. Enter a note in the note field if you want. (e.g. My Deathmatch Server)
  4. Click Create.

If your server is in Basic Mode, please click now on Server Settings.
Then add your token under GSLTToken and click Save.

In Advanced Mode you click on Commandline and then paste the token under GSLTToken.
Click Save here as well.

Note: Tokens expire! If your server should not start with a registered token, an expired token is probably to blame.
You can regenerate your token on the above page.
Simply drag the mouse pointer over the token and click on Regenerate Token on the right.