Create Gameserverlogintoken for Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Rent an Euro Truck Simulator 2 Server
Rent your own Euro Truck Simulator 2 server now at

Create GameServerLoginToken

To create your token you need to login here : .
Enter the following ID under AppID : 227300.
In Memo you can leave a note, e.g. My Euro Truck Simulator 2 Server.
Click Create

Important : GSLT can expire over time and need to be regenerated.
Simply login on the site.
When you hover over the GSLT three buttons will appear.
One of these allows you to regenerate the token.

Enter GameServerLoginToken

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode the token needs to be entered under Server Settings.
Click Save and restart the server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode the token is added in server_config.sii.
Find the following line:
server_logon_token: "".
Enter your token between "".
Click Save and restart the server.