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You can change the colour of the Message of the Day ( MotD ) of your server.
This requires that the server is in Advanced Mode.
In the "" you can enter the Message of the Day (MotD) with colour codes under motd=.



  • Single colour motd=\u00A75 My Minecraft Server.
  • Multi-coloured motd= \u00A71 My \u00A72 Minecraft \u00A7e server.

These colours are available to you:

\u00A70 Black
\u00A71 Dark blue
\u00A72 Dark green
\u00A73 Dark aqua
\u00A74 Dark red
\u00A75 Dark purple
\u00A76 Gold
\u00A77 Grey
\u00A78 Dark grey
\u00A79 Blue
\u00A7a Green
\u00A7b Aqua
\u00A7c Red
\u00A7d Light purple
\u00A7e Yellow
\u00A7f White