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The map can easily be changed via the web interface.

In basic mode

Simply use the Mapcycle to put the desired map in first place and restart the server.

In advanced mode

Simply use the commandline to set the desired map as start map and restart the server.


For example, if you want to play Valguero on your server, please follow these steps:

If the server is in basic mode:

  1. Mod Settings -> Add the ID 1445088670 to the modifications and save them
  2. In the Mapcycle section in the field "Custom Map:" this: /Game/Mods/1445088670/Valguero_P and click on the + to the right of the box
  3. Save the map to the top in the right window and start/restart the server

If the server is in advanced mode:

  1. Edit configuration -> GameUserSettings.ini
  2. Here at the value ActiveMods= add the ID 1445088670 and save it
  3. In the Commandline section, set the "Map to start" to Custom
  4. In the field "Custom-Map to start" /Game/Mods/1445088670/Valguero_P write, save and start/restart the server