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The game comes with ready-made presets for its settings.
But you can also use your own.
Both possibilities are explained.
Tip : Please check your settings for the correct syntax or the server cannot start.
You can check the syntax of the configuration files here:

selecting a Preset

In Basic Mode you can select a preset in your server configuration under Server Settings -> Preset.
By default StandardPvP is preselected.
Tip: If you select Custom you can adjust the settings in ServerGameSettings.json if your server is in Advanced Mode.

In Advanced Mode you need to enter the preset in ServerHostSettings.json under "GameSettingsPreset": "{Preset}",.
Replace {Preset} with the name of the Preset you wish to use, e.g. "GameSettingsPreset": "DuoPvP",.
For custom settings, the line must look like this: "GameSettingsPreset": "",.
The presetname is case-sensitive!
Available presets for {Preset}:

StandardPvP StandardPvE
StandardPvP_Easy StandardPvE_Easy
StandardPvP_Hard StandardPvE_Hard
Level30PvP Level30PvE
Level50PvP Level50PvE
Level70PvP Level70PvE

Using your own settings

In general, once a setting has been made in the preset, it cannot be adjusted via the ServerGameSettings.json.
If you want to change a setting of a preset, you would have to select Custom as the preset.
Then you can change the settings in the ServerGameSettings.json as you see fit.

Note: Each setting has a maximum permissible value.
If it is exceeded, the server takes the highest permissible value.