Change Scenario for Empyrion

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To be able to change the scenario for your server, it must be in Advanced Mode.
Click on dedicated.yaml on our page. You can now edit the file in the texteditor on the right.
Now scroll all the way down to:

    GameName: DediGame
    Mode: Survival
    Seed: 1011345
    CustomScenario: Default Multiplayer

Under CustomScenario: Default Multiplayer you can now change the scenario. The choices are:

  • _TestBaseAttackCS
  • _TestScenario
  • _TestScenario2
  • Default Akua-Omicron
  • Default Base Attack
  • Default Creative
  • Default Multiplayer
  • Default Random
  • Invader vs Defender - Conflict of Cygnus
  • Shadows of Starlight
  • Tutorial

Replace Default Multiplayer with your desired scenario.
Please note that the scenario name is case sensitive!
Then click on Save and restart your server.