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Rent a Sinusbot
Rent your own Sinusbot now at

If you rent a SinusBot, you can use the Ts3-Sinusbot to play music files and radio streams on a Teamspeak 3 server. The Sinusbot can be controlled with chat commands directly on the server or with the web interface.
You can easily upload music files via drag & drop via the web interface. In addition, YouTube videos, Soundcloud links and much more can be played directly.
Renting the Teamspeak Sinusbot is very easy and the server can be used with any TeamSpeak 3 server and is available immediately after ordering. The bot runs 24/7 without the computer having to be on at home.
The Sinus-Bot can also be used for Discord. As an introduction, each bot receives two independent Sinusbots, which can be connected on separate servers.

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