Become an Admin in Unturned

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To become an admin you will need your SteamID64 which you can get here:

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode you enter your SteamID64 under Server Settings.
Then click on Save and restart the server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you have to enter your SteamID64 in the Commands.dat.
To do this, find the line Owner and add the SteamID64 to it.
The line should look like this:

Owner 1234567890

Again, click Save and restart the server.

Add more players as admin

The easiest way to do this is to be connected to the server and be an admin.
To add an admin, simply use the /Admin command. For example like this:

/Admin PlayerName


/Admin SteamID64

Replace PlayerName and SteamID64 with the name or the SteamID64 of the player you want to make admin.

Note: An overview of the available admin commands can be found HERE.