Arma 3 Vanilla Mission List

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A list of all available missions for Arma 3.
The left name is the file name without extension as it is entered in the CONFIG_server.cfg.
The right name is the original English name of the mission as it is displayed ingame.


Filename Missionname
MP_Bootcamp_01.Altis ZGM 4+1 Bootcamp
MP_COOP_m01.Stratis COOP 10 Escape From Stratis
MP_COOP_m02.Stratis COOP 07 Headhunters
MP_COOP_m03.Altis COOP 10 Escape From Altis
MP_COOP_m04.Stratis ZvP 10+1 Defend Kamino
MP_COOP_m05.Altis ZvP 10+1 Defend Syrta
MP_COOP_m06.Altis ZvP 10+1 Seize Edoris
MP_COOP_m07.Altis ZvP 10+1 Seize Feres
MP_COOP_m08.Altis COOP 12 Tanks
MP_End_Game_02.Altis CTF 32 End Game Feres
MP_End_Game_03.Altis CTF 16 End Game Zaros
MP_GroundSupport01.Altis SC 06 Support Katalaki
MP_GroundSupport02.Altis SC 08 Support Sofia
MP_GroundSupport03.Altis SC 08 Support Pyrgos
MP_GroundSupport04.Altis COOP 04 Support Rodopoli
MP_GroundSupport05.Stratis COOP 05 Support Stratis
MP_Marksmen_01.Altis CTF 16 End Game Kavala
MP_ZGM_m11.Altis ZGM 48+2 Master Altis
MP_ZGM_m11_EAST.Altis ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (CSAT)
MP_ZGM_m11_GUER.Altis ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (AAF)
MP_ZGM_m11_WEST.Altis ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (NATO)
MP_ZGM_m12.Stratis ZGM 48+2 Master Stratis
MP_ZGM_m12_EAST.Stratis ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis (CSAT)
MP_ZGM_m12_GUER.Stratis ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis (AAF)
MP_ZGM_m12_WEST.Stratis ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis (NATO)
MP_ZGM_m13.VR ZGM 48+2 Master Virtual Reality
MP_ZGM_m13_EAST.VR ZGM 16+2 Master Virtual Reality (CSAT)
MP_ZGM_m13_GUER.VR ZGM 16+2 Master Virtual Reality (AAF)
MP_ZGM_m13_WEST.VR ZGM 16+2 Master Virtual Reality (NATO)
MP_ZR_8_Karts01.Altis ZR 8+1 Race on Altis (Karts)
MP_ZR_8_Karts02.Stratis ZR 8+1 Race on Stratis (Karts)
MP_ZSC_m10.Altis ZSC 32+2 Control Edessa
Showcase_Combined_arms.Stratis COOP 08 Combined Arms
Showcase_FiringFromVehicles.Altis COOP 04 Firing From Vehicles
MP_CombatPatrol_01.Altis COOP 12 Combat Patrol
MP_CombatPatrol_02.Stratis COOP 12 Combat Patrol
MP_Warlords_official_01.Altis SC 32 Warlords (Whole Island)
MP_Warlords_official_01_large.Altis SC 64 Warlords (Whole Island)
MP_Warlords_official_01_large2.Altis SC 48 Warlords (Whole Island)
MP_Warlords_official_01a.Altis SC 16 Warlords (Central)
MP_Warlords_official_01b.Altis SC 16 Warlords (Pyrgos Gulf)
MP_Warlords_official_02.Stratis SC 16 Warlords
MP_Warlords_official_02_large.Stratis SC 32 Warlords


Filename Missionname
MP_CombatPatrol_04.Malden COOP 12 Combat Patrol
MP_EscapeFromMalden.Malden Escape 10 Malden
mp_zgm_m15.Malden Zeus 48+2 Master Malden
mp_zgm_m15_east.Malden Zeus 16+2 Master Malden (CSAT)
mp_zgm_m15_west.Malden Zeus 16+2 Master Malden (NATO)
mp_zgm_m15_guer.Malden Zeus 16+2 Master Malden (AAF)
MP_Vanguard_LV_Chapoi.Malden Vanguard 30 Chapoi
MP_Warlords_official_04.Malden SC 16 Warlords
MP_Warlords_official_04_large.Malden SC 32 Warlords


Filename Missionname
EXP_m01.Tanoa 01 Keystone
EXP_m02.Tanoa 02 Warm Welcome
EXP_m03.Tanoa 03 Firestarter
EXP_m04.Tanoa 04 Heart of Darkness
EXP_m05.Tanoa 05 Extraction
EXP_m06.Tanoa 06 Apex Protocol
EXP_m07.Tanoa 07 End Game
MP_End_Game_04.Tanoa End Game 24 Balavu
MP_End_Game_05.Tanoa End Game 16 Moddergat
MP_ZGM_m14.Tanoa ZGM 48+2 Master Tanoa
MP_ZGM_m14_EAST.Tanoa ZGM 16+2 Master Tanoa (CSAT)
MP_ZGM_m14_GUER.Tanoa ZGM 16+2 Master Tanoa (Syndikat)
MP_ZGM_m14_WEST.Tanoa ZGM 16+2 Master Tanoa (NATO)
MP_EscapeFromTanoa.Tanoa Escape 10 Tanoa
MP_CombatPatrol_03.Tanoa COOP 12 Combat Patrol
MP_Vanguard_APC_Airport.Tanoa Vanguard 50 Power Plant
MP_Warlords_official_03.Tanoa SC 16 Warlords (West)
MP_Warlords_official_03a.Tanoa SC 16 Warlords (South)


Filename Missionname
MP_ZGM_m16.Enoch Zeus 48+2 Master Livonia
MP_ZGM_m16_east.Enoch Zeus 16+2 Master Livonia (CSAT)
MP_ZGM_m16_west.Enoch Zeus 16+2 Master Livonia (NATO)
MP_ZGM_m16_guer.Enoch Zeus 16+2 Master Livonia (LDF)
WarlordsEnoch.Enoch SC 24 Warlords
MP_CombatPatrol_Enoch.enoch COOP 12 Combat Patrol