Admin commands in DayZ

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The following commands are written ingame in chat:

  • #login AdminPW : Logs you in as admin to the server. Only one admin can be logged in at a time!
  • #logout : Logs you out of the server as admin.
  • #restart : Restarts the mission.
  • #reassign : Restarts the mission and allows you to re-select roles.
  • #shutdown : Stops the server.
  • #init : Reloads the configuration files of the server.
  • #restartserver : Restarts the server.
  • #kick Name/Player#/UserID : Kicks the specified player.
  • #exec ban Name/Player#/UserID : Bans the specified player from the server.
    You can specify either the player name, the player number or their SteamID64.
    Example: #exec ban Playa bans the player named Playa.
  • #monitor seconds : Displays information about the performance of the server. Enter #monitor 0 to disable output.
  • lock : Locks the server and prohibits new players from accessing the server.
  • unlock : Unlocks the server and allows new players to enter.